The Story


By the 90's,Ellis performed fewer than 50 shows a year,however.He spent most of his time on the farm near Selma,Alabama,that he inherited from his parents.Because the land was near Interstate Highway 80,Ellis opened several small store-a liquor store,a convenience market at locals.Ellis often worked at the stores,and was behind the register at the convenience store on the night of December 12,1998 when three local teens allegedly came into the store brandishing sawed-off shotguns.The gunmen shot the 53-year old Ellis,this 44-year-old fianc├ęs Elaine Thomson,and a friend.Helen King.Ellis and Thomson were killed:King was severely wondered but has recovered.Ellis was survived by his son ,Jimmy Ellis Jr.The man turned Jimmy Ellis into Orion grants one thing:That the singer truly was a gifted vocalist and a charismatic performer."He really good,"Singleton says."I think he could have been a star on his own,excerpt he was burdened by the fact that,no matter what he did,he sounded like Elvis.that's a shame.but it was something he couldn't do anything about."

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